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Launch Your Encore is the blueprint for your next act. It is a STEP-BY-STEP E-course to help you build, create, and monetize your media and online empire. With dedication, creativity, and a customer-centric approach I will help you navigate the digital landscape and build a thriving online media company that resonates with your target audience. I will supply you with the tools to create the strategy you need to fuse your passion and professional expertise into a viable online framework. You will be equipped with proven industry techniques to take you from passion to purpose to profit.


You will have access to 9 step-by-step DIY E-books and video overview of each course that will help you build at your on pace. Each session will also help you develop the skills required to build a viable online-presence for your product or service.


Whether you are rebranding an existing brand or starting from scratch, this course will give you the tools you need to build an online brand that will create a viable stream of income. The success of any brand is consistency, if you areready to put in the work then this is the course for you.



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9 DIY E-Books

7 - Weeks of Live Online Training

Although the course is on-demand and DIY I understand that questions will still arise. These sessions are designed to give you the tools you need to be successful.

How to launch your anchor podcast in 7-days

How to build and monetize your YouTube Channel

Email Marketing is still king!

How to protect your intellectual property online.

Building your online presence with AI

Branding your online product or service

E-courses: The pathway to passive income

Publish Like a Pro

90-day Social Media Strategy


How to establish a professional looking brand online

A professionally curated online brand is your calling card in this marketplace and your greatest asset.

Identifying and curating your unique position in the marketplace.

How to building an online brand that speaks.

Creating a sustainable and well sought after brand in an oversaturated market.

How to understand and define your unique product or service.

Defining your sphere of influence.

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